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The Danube Region Strategy Area 8 aims to support the competitiveness of enterprises in the Danube Region. An Action is an important issue requiring intervention by the countries and stakeholders involved to meet the objective of the Priority Area.

The main Actions of the PA 8 are:

To foster cooperation and exchange of knowledge between SMEs, academia and the public sector in areas of competence in the Danube Region.
To improve business support to strengthen the capacities of SMEs for cooperation and trade.
To support enterprises through high performing training and qualification schemes.
To prioritize the effective implementation of measures provided for under the Small Business Act for Europe.
To improve the competitiveness of rural areas and in particular of the agricultural sector
To eliminate cross border barriers and bottlenecks to people and business -Seamless Europe for a livable Danube Region.
To improve framework conditions for SMEs in areas where competitive infrastructure is missing.

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