For each Priority Area (PA) the Action Plan will present the issue and indicate main problems. For example the Priority Area 8 aims to support the competitiveness of enterprises in the Danube Region. An Action is an important issue requiring intervention by the countries and stakeholders involved to meet the objective of the Priority Area.


The main Actions of the PA 8 are:


 To foster cooperation and exchange of knowledge between SMEs, creative industry, academia, the public sector and civil society in areas of competence in the Danube Region
Establishment of an Innovative Digital Ecosystem in the Danube Region in order to support SMEs when tackling the challenges of a digitalised world
Improvement of framework conditions, support programs and capacity building of stakeholders, to enhance the collaboration between cluster initiatives and regional innovation strategies, with an accent on rural areas
To improve business support to strengthen the innovative and digital capacities of female-led-SMEs
Enhance the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the Danube Region SMEs

More information on the EUSDR Action Plan and in our digital leaflet