Main Objectives

  • to identify the main challenges and to improve the framework conditions in innovation and technology transfer in the Danube region
  • to foster the cooperation in the field of innovation and technology transfer to generate concrete transnational projects
  • to support and improve the competitiveness of the Danube region by generating concrete Technology Offers, Technology Requests and Expression of Interest in the field of innovation and technology transfer
  • to support cross-fertilisation collaboration in innovation and technology transfer by organising specific thematic workshops
  • to improve policy dialog and public governance in innovation and technology transfer by promoting adequate policies and policy papers
  • to support and improve the innovation technology transfer framework conditions at the local and regional level through the flagship project “Danube Transfer Center network” as HUBs for SMEs
  • to support and increase the participation of the Danube actors in EU innovation and technology transfer financed projects


Planned Activities

To support the Transformative power to Innovation and Technology Transfer the WG I&TT will organise every year WG I&TT Meetings; in particular two Virtual Knowledge Exchange Meetings and one On-site Meeting inviting all consolidated members of the WG in the field of I&TT. In addition to that, the I&TT Community of Practice will foster Knowledge Triangle encounters and will organise a Policy Exploration System in the thematic field of Innovation and Technology Transfer and will prepare different policy paper in the domains of I&TT.

The capitalisation of projects and initiatives results and the facilitation of strategic Transnational Capitalisation Effects for SMEs will be implemented in close cooperation with the EUSDR PA8 WG I&TT flagship project of the DTC network (DTC Hubs4SMEs), the Capitalisation of WG I&TT and the Interreg DTP Pole 1, 2 and 3 as well as Enterprise-Europe-Network. The DTC network, with its intermediary role between the business and the research sector, is an excellent best practice showcase for not only capitalisation within the Interreg DTP, but also among the strategy level of the EUSDR as well as EU-level in other funding programmes (e.g. H2020). The partners of the DTC Hubs4SMEs participate concurrently in various projects of H2020 and the Interreg DTP and are also thereby active in the DTP Capitalisation Strategy as they are members of the different Thematic Poles, such as the Pole 1 “Innovative Ecosystem for SMEs” and also members of the EUSDR WGs (e.g. in PA8 and PA7). Capitalisation Workshops on a yearly-basis in the thematic field of I&TT help to join forces for macro-regional projects or initiatives, while the DTC Hubs4SMEs will be in the position to reach as much relevant stakeholders from the business (SMEs) and the research

sector, to bring them into the activities. Within the practice-oriented Entrepreneurial Life Experience businesses and other organisations looking for partners to take their projects forward will be brought together in the I&TT EEN Brokerage Event organised by the WG I&TT. The most successful actor of the Entrepreneurial Life Experience will be honoured with the Champions of I&TT Regional Cooperation Award.

The WG I&TT is focusing on the elaboration and implementation of the concept “Danube Competitiveness in Practice” (DCP) of the PA8. This comprises a strategic conception phase, including a series of three events for three consecutive years and their implementation. The DCP Events are planned within the framework of the EUSDR Trio-Presidency and the countries in charge. Therefore, the DCP Event in 2020 is planned to be organised in Cluj, Romania, including the DTC Cluj-Napoca who is the Entry Point of the DTC Network in the respective region. For 2021 the DCP Event is planned to be organised in Maribor, Slovenia in cooperation with the DTC Maribor who is the Entry Point of the DTC Network in the respective region. Following this concept the DCP Event in 2022 could be organised in Croatia. In detail, the activities include the conception, implementation and organisational support of three DCP events in cooperation with PAC8; thematic contributions to the DCP Events; capitalisation on the work and results of the WG I&TT achieved in the previous period and reports on the DCP activities carried out so far. Furthermore, in the framework of the DCP Events several tool-kits will be developed.



A list of the current members of the working group can be found here:

Members of the PA8 Working Group Innovation and Technology Transfer (November 2019)



Daniela Chiran (Senior Project Manager)
Phone: +49 721 935 19 132
E-mail: chiran@steinbeis-europa.de