Main Objectives

To combine the major regional and transnational Stakeholder and their complementary resources, systems and skills  – supported by instruments like e.g. digital innovation  hubs / digital Serviceplatforms / value chains – with the clear goal to generate, new digital business models, products, processes or services.


Presentation of the Working Group and its activities:

PA 8 Working Group Digital Danube_2023_08


Planned Activities
  • establishment of one Trans-Danube Digital Service Platform for Digital Innovation Hub Manager and accompanying consultancy services for DIH foundation – tested on 5 pilots
  • establishment of at least 2 regional and 2 Trans-Danube Digital Value Chains to make use of regional peculiarities and transnational potentials.


Post Activities

Further pictures of the Workshop “Best of Europe: Digital Lighthouses from Slovenia, Croatia, Romania” – June 22nd, 2023 can be found here


Dr. Claus Hoffmann, ZD.BB / Baden-Württemberg

Prof. Dr. Liviu Ciucan, University of Tirgu Mures /Romania

Petra Newrly, MFG Baden-Württemberg / Baden-Württemberg

Prof. Dr. Dieter Hertweck, Reutlingen University, Hermann-Hollerith-Centre / Baden-Württemberg

Beno Orazem, IBM Slovenia / Slovenia

Marion Volk, TÜV-Süd / Bavaria

Antonia Antonova / Sofia University / Bulgaria

Elena Miron / Vienna University/ Austria

Prof. Dr. Vjeran Strahonja / Zagreb University, foi / Croatia

Ivan Placko / CEO Technology Innovation Centre Medimurje /Croatia

Prof. Dr. Tomaz Kern / Maribor University / Slovenia



Dr. Claus Hoffmann

Zentrum für Digitalisierung Landkreis Böblingen

Phone: +49 7031 3048102

E-Mail: hoffmann@zd-bb.de