Crowdfunding is a form of financing by a crowd that usually takes place online.

The aim of a crowdfunding campaign is to (partially) finance a project, so it can be implemented. Such a campaign always has a time limit and usually runs for an average of 4 weeks.


There are several forms of crowdfunding:

  • Reward based – crowdfunding as a market test and pre-sale, funders receive material or immaterial consideration
  • Equity based – microinvestments of many individuals, funders receive performance-based return
  • Donation based – collecting donations via the crowd, usually without consideration
  • Lending based – crowd as lender, altenative to bank loans, lenders receive interest


Crowdfunding has several advantages: Besides the financing as such it’s a good tool for a first target group analysis, it offers the possibility to get direct feedback and to market the products and at best it generates the first customers.


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