Main Objectives
  • To support cluster managers in providing the effective support to their SMEs
  • To support clusters of the Danube region to strengthen their role in the regional development


Planned Activities
  • Creation of the supporting documents for PA8 linked to the cluster initiatives and further development of the policy framework for clusters
  • Mapping activities aiming to collect the data on the state of the art of the clusters and their needs within the Danube region / Benchmarking
  • Support to the strengthening of the cluster managers capacities (training sessions, workshops etc.)


Related Studies
  • This study provides a snapshot of the current stage of Cluster Management Excellence in the Danube Region. Moreover it presents ideas and reflections on how to improve such excellence and how to make better use of cluster initiatives: White Paper_Danube Region_FINAL_
  • The Ukraine Crisis has a large impact on the Danube Region. These impacts and potentials were analysed with a focus on the significant bioeconomic potential of the Danube Region. Countries of the Danube Region could provide substitute supplies to the loss of imports from Ukraine for several agrifodd products. Read more.
  • The Short_Study_Task 1-2_DBP_Dec2022, conducted by Anteja ECG d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia, is focused on the current economic situation of the Danube Region. With a focus on circular bioeconomy and clusters, the study deals with the problems of SMEs and existing support schemes and mechanisms which support value chain development. The analysis is designed to update the recent findings and considered the impact of the Ukraine war as well.
    The study provides an overview of the situation of the existing bioeconomy value chains and identifies key bottlenecks for development. Finally, the study concludes that new targeted supports schemes are needed to help SMEs and related clusters to become better embedded in future global Bioeconomy value chain, which gain increasing importance.



Mr. Gerd Meier zu Köcker, Germany

Ms. Ana Dijan, Croatia

Ms. Adel Apagyi, Hungary

Mr. Aleš Hančič, Slovenia

Mr. Goran Rodić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mrs. Pavla Bruskova, Czech Republic

Mrs. Genoveva Christova Murray, Bulgaria

Mrs. Cornelia Muraru Ionel, Romania

Mr. Daniel Cosnita, Romania

Mrs. Nevin Baran, Turkey



Dr. Gerd Meier zu Köcker (Executive Director)

RegioClusterAgentur Baden-Württemberg

Phone: +49 711 658355-11

E-Mail: mzk@rca-bw.de