WG – CIRCULAR BIOECONOMY to support the Competitiveness of SMEs

Main Objectives
  • To support enterprises in the field of Circular Bioeconomy
  • To connect stakeholders
  • To organise events
  • To inform about technolgies and projects


Planned Activities
  • Working Group meeting on July 8th 2024 in Ulm


Past Activities & Related Information



will follow soon




Carmen Hawkins

Email: carmen.hawkins@wm.bwl.de

Nirvana Kapitan Butkovic

Email: Nirvana.KapitanButkovic@mingor.hr


Before the establishment of the Working Group, Ms. Dijan conducted a survey on the topic of circular bioeconomy. The results of this survey were presented at the Steering Group Meeting, as well as the Bioeconomy Conference on September 21st 2023 in Zagreb.

The participants were asked how important they rate this topic and the impact of the Danube Region Strategy in general, what they thought was important in order to boost further development of circular bioeconomy in the Danube Region and what could be possible activities of the Working Group.

Not surprisingly, most participants think the EUSDR has a huge importance for the future development of circular bioeconomy in the Danube Region. The most important aspects regarding the further development of circular bioeconomy in the Danube Region are considered to be the promotion of circular bioeconomy principles and way of living among the general public, a change in the educational system and therefore skills and competencies, as well as the encouragement of linkages among SMEs and R&D organisations. The organisation of study tours to exchange best practices, the organisation of different events such as conferences or workshops and the creation and implementation of promotional campaigns among SMEs and the general public are the activities that the Working Group should most likely carry out according to the survey participants.

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